Child Custody and Visitation

White Plains Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody and visitation are often the most contentious aspects of divorce. Family transitions can be extraordinarily difficult for children. It is important that a skilled family law attorney is involved to protect their best interests.

I’m New York child custody lawyer Andrew Szczesniak. For over 15 years I have served as an Attorney for the Child(ren) (formerly called a “Law Guardian”) in the New York courts, advocating for the rights of children.

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I am experienced in all aspects of custody and visitation issues, having many represented many husbands, wives, and children throughout my career. In every case, I work toward the best possible outcome for all involved. Whether you have been denied visitation rights or you wish to extend parenting time to travel with your child, I can help. I also handle modifications to custody, visitation, and support agreements and orders.

With the best interest of the child foremost in mind, I represent parents wishing to relocate with the child, or the parent opposed to relocation who fears losing contact or missing out on a relationship with the child.

Divorce does not mean you’re done dealing with one another if young children are involved. Throughout the child’s minority, issues will arise that require your cooperation.

Child custody and visitation decisions can be emotionally draining. I work hard to ensure your existing family relationships are damaged as little as possible. Contact me, Andrew W. Szczesniak, for quality, cost-effective representation.

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