Child Abuse & Child Neglect

New York Child Abuse

Both for the accused and for the victim, an accusation of child abuse or child neglect is serious. A finding of either can have far-reaching consequences on many aspects of a person’s life for many years to come even if no Family Court or Criminal Court case is ever filed. It is imperative that a person who is accused of child abuse or neglect consult with a competent family lawyer capable of handling such matters with sensitivity and foresight.

If you need assistance with issues of child abuse, attorney Andrew W. Szczesniak can help. For much of my career I have provided counsel to or represented the accused, as well as represented child victims with a genuine concern for their welfare. Contact me, a New York family lawyer who understands how important such issues are to my clients and their futures. Additionally, my many years of criminal defense experience uniquely qualifies me to properly assess a client’s exposure in both the Family Court as well as (possibly) the Criminal Court.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the subject of an “indicated” report of child abuse or neglect, there can be serious long-term consequences, even if there is no subsequent court adjudication and even if no criminal charges are ever filed. The existence of an “indicated” report can prevent one from becoming a foster parent or adoptive parent. It can also virtually preclude employment in certain field involving children. All is not lost, however. Even though the threshold for an “indicated” report is low, persons investigating these claims still make mistakes. The law allows person to have their cases reviewed and such findings reversed. For this reason, it is important to consult an attorney who not only knows the law, but also understands the administrative process of getting such reports corrected.

I take pride in the individualized attention I provide each client. With over 30 years of legal experience, I am able to offer my clients the same skilled legal counsel found at large New York family law firms, and the individualized attention you expect from a local firm.

I have developed a solid understanding of family law and how to protect my clients’ interests in a cost-effective manner. I also handle probate and estate administration, real estate, and criminal law matters.

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